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Some details in this guide may be incorrect or out of date with regards to TPP versions 4.x.


Original author

Natalie Tasman, May 2009

TPP 4.2.1


This guide is for software developers who might wish to build the TPP on their own system for building and testing modification to the code. TPP users do not have to build the system on their computer, and can simply use the pre-build Windows TPP installer.

This is a very rough guide, and the addition of any more detail and/or screenshots would be welcome.

I abbreviate the Microsoft Visual Studio Professional 2005 tools as MSVC.


These are explained throughout the tutorial

  • ability to install software (usually, Administrator access)
  1. source code
  2. Mingw
  3. Msys (mingw shell)
  4. NSIS installer
  5. MSVC (see below)

MSVC Requirement

For a complete build (suitable for creating an installer) you need to also build the converters under MSVC. Please see that page (TPP:Building Windows-native binaries with Visual Studio 2005) for more information. Note, you can drop in the latest released versions of the converters, or exclude them from the installer. see below.

Getting the source code

Please see TPP:Getting the sourcecode for a windows build

Where are the Mingw build files created?


install mingw

possibly old link from Sept 2008:

  • if g++ isn't included in this (I forget of the top if my head),

also install gcc-core and gcc-g++, 3.4.5, from here: possibly old link:

download and install Msys

  • following all default choices in the installer:

possibly old link:

install tortioseSVN and check out code

Please see TPP:Getting the sourcecode for a windows build And be sure that at the same top level directory, check out win_lib, qualscore, and the tpp.

Older builds: win_lib/boost

(In newer TPP revisions, boost is more automatically built for you-- and the process is faster) from the msys shell, go into win_lib and do "make -f Makefile.boost" and wait a long time OR download my precompiled boost libs: Note that you'll need to unzip win_lib/ first, then this one. There are so many files in both, that it's still a ~15 minute process!

Note: boost always fails to build some small percentage of its targets. Ignore this (unless you get boost errors later on.)

download and install the NSIS Installer

from tpp/src, "make"

from tpp/src, "make install"

-- note: make install will require the converters, which can only be built with MSVC. You can download the official releases and drop them where the installer script expects, or edit the installer file (tpp/installer_win32/TPP_files.nsh) and comment out that section.


The installer will automatically start if successful.

Good luck!

Please feel free to post on the spctools-dev list if you have any questions, comments or concerns.

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