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mzWiff: Analyst .wiff files to mzXML converter

The mzXML conversion tools ReAdW, massWolf, trapper, and mzWiff and been deprecated and are no longer included in TPP. All users are encouraged to use the converter tool msconvert produced as part of the ProteoWizard project. This tool supports all the same native formats as the previous tools, is better supported, and implements the new HUPO-PSI mzML standard. For convenience a version of this tool has been included with all new TPP releases.



Command-line program to convert Analyst native acquisition (.wiff) files to mzXML. The program requires the Analyst library from ABI/MDS Sciex. The Analyst library is installed with the Analyst software suite; you must obtain this software from your vendor. mzWiff replaces mzStar.


Because this program depends on Windows-only vendor library, this code will only work under Windows with the Analyst software installed.

Getting the software

  • see Requirements

This software is included in the current TPP distribution.

Additional methods for obtaining the software are:

  • Dowload from SourceForge Sashimi project file release: [1]
  • Browse sourcecode from on Sashimi project SVN[2].


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