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Important note: mzStar retired in favor of mzWiff

mzWiff is the replacement for mzStar, and corrects many bugs and improves speed. Please see the mzWiff page for more information.

Important note: Centroiding bug

A major bug has been discovered in the Analyst (ABI/MDS Sciex) to mzXML converter, mzStar. This has resulted in major data loss for data that was centroided with this converter. Currently, we have fixed the problem and recompiled versions for Analyst 1.1 and Analyst 1.4.1 installations (remember, you must download the appropriate converter for your own software.)

The Analyst 1.1 version included since the TPP 3.0.3 distrution does not have this bug.

In a nutshell

SCIEX/ABI Analyst (.WIFF) format MS/MS data to mzXML converter. (RETIRED)


Visual Basic application to convert data from a SCIEX/ABI Q-STAR instrument into mzXML format. This application is based on a VB library provided by the Analyst software, which is therefore required to be present on the same machine the converter will be used on.


This software is Windows-only and requires an installation of the Analyst software on the same computer. The version of mzStar must match the version of Analyst, which must be the same version used to produce the files you wish to convert.

Getting the software

This software is retired-- see mzWiff

  • see Requirements.
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