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RAMP: Random Access Minimal Parser

C/C++ parser for mzXML (and mzData) files. The RAMP parser code is contained in the TPP source tree. RAMP is heavily used in the TPP; this allows programs to seamlessly adapt to revisions to the mzXML format, as well as handle other formats such as mzData. RAMP itself is C-language code; "cRAMP" is a C++ wrapper.

RAMP in the TPP

External Projects

Getting the software

  • stable: You can also look in the latest stable/official source release, under /trans_proteomic_pipeline/src/Parsers/ramp/

History and Design Decisions

RAMP was developed at time when full XML parsing libraries (such as xerces) were heavyweight and slow, and not suited for the fast, random-access parsing of large spectral files in proteomics applications. As such, the code is string-based ASCII processing rather than true XML parsing. This unfortunately also makes RAMP fairly dependent on the whitespace in mzXML, and occasionally the order of attributes within elements.

Related projects

  • JRAP-- java mzXML parser
  • RAP-- earlier xerces-based mzXML parser, retired.
  • X!Tandem uses a custom SAX-based parser
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