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Getting the software

This software is included in the current TPP distribution.

In a nutshell

Libra is a module within the trans-proteomic pipeline to perform quantification on MS/MS spectra that have isobaric multi-reagent labeled peptides. More specifically, at ISB we use Libra on MS/MS spectra of iTRAQ labeled samples; it can also be used on TMT labeled samples. There is no limitation to the number of channels that Libra can quantitate against.

More detail

More detailed information can be found by downloading this file, including:

  • Command line syntax for using Libra
  • The condition file
  • Details about what Libra does
  • How accurate is the quantitation?

Generating a Condition File

You can generate a condition file using the built-in utility within the TPP web UI (Petunia), or by using a text editor.


  • Patrick Pedrioli: original code author of Quantitation
  • Andrew Keller: peptide assignment to proteins within pipeline
  • Nichole King: code maintenance/additions/corrections
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