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Getting the software

This software is included in the current TPP distribution.

In a nutshell

View LC-MS and LC-MS/MS results in a 2D mz vs. time plot.

More detail

If identifications are available via an INTERACT or pepXML Viewer interface with PeptideProphet results, sequencing attempts and identification quality are overlayed on the plot; each spot is then a hyperlink to the ms/ms spectrum and identification. The results can be used to evaluate data quality among its many applications.


Li X-J, Pedrioli PGA, Eng J, Martin D, Yi EC, Lee H, Aebersold R. (2004) "A tool to visualize and evaluate data obtained by liquid chromatography / electrospray ionization / mass spectrometry." Anal Chem 76:3856-60. download PDF

The link to the supplemental information referenced in the manuscript is incorrect. Here's the correct link to the supplemental information.


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